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mobiCeliac [mini]

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DISCLAIMER: This app ONLY includes food products and venues in SPAIN
This app is a handy and "lite" version of our mobiCeliac [XL] full featured app.

mobiCeliac [mini] allows you to get information about gluten-free food resources in SPAIN:
- Gluten-free Food Directory (food and drink products)
- Coeliac-friendly Venues Guide (shops, restaurants and hotels)

The Gluten-free Food Directory contains a selection of 3,500+ products distributed or sold in SPAIN:
- ALL Summer seasonal Products (ice-creams, ...)
- ALL Christmas seasonal Products (marzipan, nougat, Christmas candies, ...)
- ALL Specially Coeliac targeted Products (bread, cookies, pasta, ...)

The Coeliac-frendly Venues Guide contains a selection of venues (shops, restaurants and hotels) where gluten-free products and services are offered in SPAIN.

mobiCeliac helps people suffering from Coeliac Disease (CD) or other gluten-sensitivity diseases, to achieve a better quality of life.